Saturday, August 15, 2009

Get the Net

We have arrived home from our vacation, and has become the tradition, I have fish pictures and stories for you. Unfortunately, I had my camera phone set on small so most of the images are grainy. Sorry.

We'll start with a story, and I swear every word is true. Pictured first is GD4 with a 5 1/2 pound northern he caught off the dock. He was bobber fishing with a sucker minnow when it struck. For gear he was using an ultra-light pole (made to make sunnies feel fun), four-pound test and no leader. By himself on the dock, he fought the fish boat-side, held his tiny pole in one hand and scooped the fish out using the net with the other. By the time he ran to the cabin and told us he had caught a "huge fish," the drama was over. Suffice to say the event spread resort-wide within hours and GD4 became a 10-year old fishing legend, a reputation that stuck all week.

Pictured below is LeAnn's first big fish of the week, a four-pound northern:

Below is a four 1/2 pound northern GD4 caught deep-water trolling with our neighbors, a wonderful family from Chicago. Bailey likes to set his drag light so he can say "big fish" whenever it starts spooling off. In this case the drag was so light the fish got fought out before he could get it to the boat, which actually had to go back to pick up the fish off the surface:

Louie and I were bored with northerns and really wanted to see if we could pull some bass out of the lake. After much investigation we discovered the Slop Monster Bait Co.'s green pumpkin Wacky Garlic Stick and the week got very interesting. Below is not only the biggest bass of the week (4 pounds) it was the largest either of us has ever caught. Louie - who was using a medium light rod - said she felt like the 19 inch fish was going to snap her pole:

About a half and hour later, she caught this three 1/2 pound fish:

My biggest catch of the week was this three-pounder:

We had a great time, and to celebrate I think we're going fishing later.

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