Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Love Me Do

It's reality. My opinion?

I think it's a bad deal. We might win a few more games this season, but I don't think we'll win a Super Bowl despite assurances from Tom "This time I know we won't be disappointed" D.

Favre will eat time in the pre-season which means we won't be able to properly evaluate the quarterbacks that will be here past this season. So, we'll be right back here next year.

A surprisingly Un-Chili move. Until now he's been so good about bringing in long-term talent - Allen, Peterson, Greenway, Hutchinson, and many more - Favre has always seemed like an Achilles heel for Childress. And, he brings with him more negatives than positives.

I hope Favre has a great season, but that's all it will ever be. It's not the start of the "Brett Favre era" like the drooling news rubes are suggesting. Suggesting? What am I saying? I can't remember the last time the local media was so far in the tank. Apparently we are all beside ourselves on a level commensurate with New Yorkers when the Beatles landed. Chubby, purple-clad Miller Lite drinkers are fainting in the streets.

I know, I know. I'll probably eat these words when the Minnesota Vikings stomp the crap out of the entire league this year and take it all the way to The Show!

Super Bowl baby!
2010 World Champs!
You know it!
Eat it Cheeselosers!

Whatever. I ain't drinking Miller Light.

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