Thursday, August 06, 2009

I'm Harry Ried and I'm a Rageaholic

This just keeps getting better. It has become increasingly clear that Democrats simply have no idea how to deal with opposition:

The Senate's most powerful Democrat on Thursday scolded health care protesters dogging his party's lawmakers at local meetings, arguing that some critics on the political right have run out of ideas—and ditched their civic manners. Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada accused the protesters of trying to "sabotage" the democratic process.

So, if you are taking part in the Democratic process - going to town hall meetings, legislative listening sessions, etc. - expecting to be heard, you are "sabotaging" the process. Funny, Reid wasn't much concerned about that when his party's lapdogs were throwing pies at Conservative speakers, shouting down war supporters, or stomping on little old ladies' crucifixes for supporting traditional marriage.

It is wrong now, of course, because single payer health care is good for us, whether we know it or not. So, essentially, Democracy is only a tool for those in power to be used when the masses agree. When they don't, you simply condemn the people you were sent to DC to represent and do what you want anyway.

Democrats have no idea how to lead. They have this health care system they think is going to save the country and the only talking point they can come up with is "don't listen to Republicans." If they could sell this program, they would. They can't because it sucks and everyone knows it.

They are hamstrung and sinking; which refers to the first sentence of this post.

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