Friday, July 13, 2007

Fluid, Babies, and Bluegrass

We got some bad news from PFC Teaparty today. She has suffered a significant knee injury and there is some looseness and quite a bit of fluid buildup. Long story short, she will be unable to complete basic training this summer. Instead she will be allowed to rehab for a year and try again.

We expect her home by July 25.

Hockey Rube called last night with the news of the birth of his second child. It is a masculine child - six pounds, eight ounces. Mom and baby are fine. Dad is still a rube.

Finally, there is a certain bluegrass fan out there that GD2 wants to inform that she went to the Alison Krauss concert last night. She would dearly love to rub that in, but isn't sure if you were there or not. Please advise in the comment section as to your status regarding the concert, so the "in your face" can commence.

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