Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's "For the Party"

This is rich. Cindy Sheehan has been booted from Daily Kos because she is planning a run against Pelosi. In her final statement to the heavy breathers Sheehan had this to say:

I know a lot of you are hostile towards my candidacy. Please understand that I am doing it for your children and grandchildren (and my surviving ones.)

Suddenly, the heavy breathers - for which everything from higher taxes for the richest one percent to partial birth abortion is "for the children" - are full of righteous indignation. Despite Kos's apparent effort to remove this post, it lives at LGF:

...according to you, we simply don’t understand that you’re doing it for “our children.”

That is the arrogance of someone who believes their own hype. That is the condescension of someone who believes they are larger, better, smarter than everyone else.

Hallelujah! Does this mean we'll no longer have to suffer through an endless stream of Democratic politicians admonishing us to "do it for the children?" No more bumper stickers that say "I voted for the children?"

Can we expect that DailyKos is prepared to blast any future Democrat willing to so callously use children to guilt votes out of the electorate? More likely, their indignation is reserved only for those running against Democrats.

But, can we at least hope that DailyKos itself will stop using the phrase? Nope.

There is an ad on the Daily Kos home page right now that says "Susie for President - Any government that puts war before the health of 9 million children has its priorities wrong." As well, a quick search of Kos for the phrase "for the children" turns up 576 posts in the last two years. Posts like this one:

With leaders in the White House and their ilk in congress working ceaselessly to convince the public that global warming is 'junk science', they do nothing but ensure the devastation of the planet for future generations -- for their children -- for our children.

Or this one, entitled "Won't Someone Please Think of the Children?"

Clearly the "condescension" of people who believe they're "larger, better, smarter than everyone else."

I wonder what "principle" they wouldn't turn on to protect the Democtratic Party.

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