Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Public Indoctrination

At right is what is passing for global warming education in sixth grade. Just skip right past any discussion of science and head right for the propoganda. The tiny caption reads:

A polar bear tries to hold its ground on the melting sea ice in Svalbard, Norway.

Call me crazy, it looks like a healthy polar bear just standing around. If it's holding its ground, it doesn't appear to be having to try very hard.

Here's a link to the cover story, "Feeling the Heat - Polar bears are suffering in a warmer world." There is no mention of any conflicting science based on a much larger study group.

Completely without shame, the cover also features "U.S. - A wicked snowstorm" in the upper right corner.

In a classic public education response to the fear-mongering of Times For Kids, GD3 has to write an essay on what she would do to help stop global warming. When I got home she was quite excited about it and asked for my help. Naturally I was more than happy to oblige and provided her with a bunch of information, helped her understand it, and assisted in putting it all together. When we were finished she said, "Hey Dad, do you want to put this on your blog?"

My, what a great idea:

By: Grave Disappointment 3

Global Warming is Natural

In my opinion, there is nothing you can do to prevent global warming. Global warming, or whatever you want to call it is a natural cycle, we have no effect/power over it. For example, a long time ago, there was something called the Medieval Warm Period. It was much warmer than it is today and it couldn't possibly have been caused by humans. Back then, we weren't driving SUV's or gas guzzlers like that. There was also no electricity to cause it.

There is also little or no proof to prove that global warming is now any different from Medieval times. Scientists have also been wrong before, when they predicted in the 70's that humans were causing a new ice age, or when they said the earth was flat in ancient times.*

Many climate experts are now questioning the science of man made global warming. One expert, Dr. Richard Lindzen of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has called it the greatest scientific hoax ever. Another climatologist and professor, Timothy Ball, wrote, “We are wasting time, energy and trillions of dollars while creating unnecessary fear and consternation over an issue with no scientific justification.”

As human beings, we should stop believing we have power over nature. The more we try to change it, the more possible it is that we'll cause more damage than good.

Because the earth warms and cools on its own, causing ice ages and warm periods, there is no way we can prevent global warming.

Rest assured the essay's grade will be passed on to you as soon as I learn it.

UPDATE: *As per Alan's point, GD3 has edited her assignment to read "ancient times" instead of "1600s." That change has been made here as well.

UPDATE: See grade update here.

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