Saturday, November 04, 2006

Hatch Finally Shows Up

By now, Mike Hatch's distate for seeing females criticized and fondness for name-calling is well documented.

At first Hatch insisted he did not call a reporter a "Republican whore," but by a Friday morning debate was backpeddling fast:

"I'm not going to dispute it with the reporter"

Instead, Hatch is blaming his gaffe on a broadcasting company:

Hatch said he was also angry about the discovery that an independent group of business contributors, including a prominent broadcaster, Stanley Hubbard, could put as much as "three-quarters of a million dollars" into a late effort to defeat him.

Yes. How dare people contribute to political campaigns.

Hubbard responded by echoing the concerns of many Minnesotans:

Hubbard said that "we're seeing the true Hatch ... The man is unstable, I think."

Nah. He was just angry. Angry that people would dare criticize the little woman, angry that people are allowed to contribute money to political campaigns in a free society, and angry that the media is pretty much forced to cover major gaffes by politicians.

It's not that he's unstable, he's just running for office in the wrong country.

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