Monday, November 06, 2006

Vote. Or Rove Will Know.

The Plank is nervous about late polls showing a Republican surge, but they think they might have found the answer:

...there are any number of reasons why polling through Saturday could affect your results. Maybe it just took an extra day for the full weight of Kerry's gaffe to sink in. (Though I doubt it. I'd guess that the effect would have subsided while you were off at your kid's soccer game, or whatever.) But, to my mind, the most plausible explanation is that more conservative people tend to stay home on Saturday nights, while more liberal people tend to go out, which would give the poll a slight conservative bias.

Speaking personally, I was on about my third Lienenkugel's over at the Dalles House listening to cheesy heavy metal Saturday night, but that's just me. I'm sure the rest of the stereotypical conservatives were home, diligently shining their shoes for church the next morning.

On the subject of the election, it's starting to look like a pretty unremarkable mid-term shift. If the Democrats take the House, which seems likely, it certainly won't be by enough to claim anything other than the usual mid-term jitters. The Senate looks out of reach, but I could be wrong.

I'll be voting, that's all I really know for sure. And, just in time, I received the list of acceptable candidates telepathically from Karl Rove moments ago. With any luck we, through actual participation, can prevent Bush from declaring martial law to preserve his power, which is what it is all about really. That...and oil.

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