Wednesday, July 19, 2006

No Shoulder Touching, Fratboy!

Taylor Marsh is devestated that America's president had the unmitigated gall to touch the shoulders of Germany's new leader at the G8 summit:

Iraq and the Middle East are in flames and we have no credibility around the world, but our Groper in Chief decides to give the little lady some attention. After all, it's what women really want, now isn't it. But what can we expect with a "fratboy," prepubescent president in charge? It is an outrage.


George W. Bush was supposed to bring "honor and integrity" back to the White House, but instead he's disgraced us all.

It's an outrage! In fact, that kind of outrage might have come in handy when Bill Clinton was groping, harassing, and even raping women. So, where was Marsh at that time? Around, but not quite as outraged:

Camouflage it all you want with the “lying under oath” and the posturing “rule of law” drivel, but the bottom line was that the “vast right wing conspiracy” came after President Clinton because, when they found out about Paula Jones, they wanted to nail him for moral lapses, which had plagued him throughout his life.

As I recall, it was Clinton doing most of the "nailing," but I digress.

James Taranto sums up Marsh's selective outrage thusly:

The lack of self-awareness here is awesome to behold.

I daresay the feminist lobby lost all credibility it might have enjoyed defending Bill Clinton's "moral lapses." Absolute indifference to Clinton's rape of Juanita Broderick or groping of Katherine Willey is fine I guess. But to now be outraged because the president dared touch the shoulders of a world leader is...well...outrageous.

Liberals truly have no memory. Add to that a stunning capacity for blatant hypocricy and what was novel becomes desperate and sad. Speaking of desperate and sad, see Marsh's hair. No wonder she can't get on the Sunday shows.

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