Monday, July 17, 2006

Just Don't Tell Anybody

So far we are surviving the inhuman (or very human in this case) global warming that has gripped the region since Friday, and in the longer term, since a Republican took office. I am happy to report that my parents are alive and well and my wife's shivering spell is over.

On to the news than, with an interesting outlook from Iraqi Sunnis. They want more American troops:

The Sunni Arab leaders say they have no newfound love for the Americans. Many say they still sympathize with the insurgency and despise the Bush administration and the fact that the invasion has helped strengthen the power of neighboring Iran, which backs the ruling Shiite parties.

But the Sunni leaders have dropped demands for a quick withdrawal of American troops. Many now ask for little more than a timetable. A few Sunni leaders even say they want more American soldiers on the ground to help contain the widening chaos.

Apparently the chaos wasn't that wide before. Interestingly enough it was the Sunnis who couldn't wait to start the bloodletting. Without Saddam to back them up though, numbers mean something and the Shiites have far more people.

Now they want the U.S. to protect them from a civil war they have been trying so hard to start.

That's rich.

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