Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Cards for Johnathan

My editor, MaryHelen Swanson, has an exclusive interview with the family of Johnathan Benson, a 21-year-old North Branch man wounded for the second time in Iraq. This time it is much more serious. Benson has lost a leg, part of an arm, and has some internal injuries.

Benson, the youngest in the family, has had his two brothers by his bedside this past week. They plan to make many trips to Texas to be there for him. Steve Benson said Johnathan draws strength from his older brothers. In addition, other family members and a friend traveled to Texas to be there for him too. And this week his older sister has arrived to support and encourage him.

The Benson family has much for which to be grateful, even in the light of this serious tragedy.

But, Corp. Benson has a long road ahead of him and his mother’s heart’s desire is that people back home will show concern and support by writing to him during this long, long process of recovery.

Read the whole story here. Please send encouragement here:

Corp. Johnathan Benson
c/o Marine Liaison
Brooke Army Medical Center
3851 Roger Brooke Drive
Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234-6200

Pass it on will ya?

UPDATE: Thanks to the Elder at Fraters Libertas for highlighting Benson. Thanks also to Power Line.

Fuzzilicious Thinking has more, including this letter from John Furutani of CENTCOM:

Your dedication to service and country is incredible, and your sacrifice is duly noted and thanked. In order to provide a measure of that thanks from one fellow citizen, I will be going to the Valour IT site and donating sufficient monies to fund a voice-activated laptop for your personal use.

I have been in Iraq in 2003 and Afghanistan in 2006, so I am familiar with the conditions which we ask our military to endure for the country’s sake. The fact that you have gone in country--twice—speaks well to your courage and honor.

Again, please accept my thanks on behalf of myself and my family. Please remember during your rehabilitation that you have the support and well wishes of other beyond your immediate family and community.

If any member of your family, or someone close to you, may need frequent flier miles to make the trip to San Antonio, please have them contact me [email address omitted].

FbL adds: He (Benson) is now awake and communicative. He's scheduled to receive a Valour-IT laptop and the Soldiers' Angels Wounded Team is making him a special project.

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