Saturday, July 15, 2006

And She's Not Even a Terrorist

Daughter #2, who is 15, works as a "helper" at a daycare. Now, our county is demanding she give an astounding amount of information about herself, despite the fact that the state gives it no authority to do so. The county says is derives the authority to ask incredibly personal questions based on State statutes, chapter 245A, rule 9502.

In fact, the relevent statutes give authority only to license primary providers and are very specific about that. Still the county is insisting on knowing deeply personal information about my daughter. Here is a sample of what the county needs to know:

How do you show affection?

In your home, how do children develop the skills of problem solving and creativity? (She is not employed at our home.)

Not only do they need information like this directly from my daughter, they also require multiple references to answer questions like these about my daughter and her family:

How long have you known this family?

How does the fmaily teach children what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior?

What kind of discipline is used with children?

Describe the family's strong points?

Are there any problems with their own children?

A document explaining what the county plans to do with the information includes:

Decide if you can get services from us and what or how much you can get.

Help you get medical, mental health, financial, or social services.

Decide about out-of-home care and in-home care for you or your children.

Decide if your family needs protective services.

Collect money from the state and federal government for help we give you.

Again, there is no authority given by the state to license anyone but a "primary" provider, which in this case would be my daughter's boss. The next time I speak to the new head of Health and Human Services I will be asking her to explain this incredible breach of privacy rights and abuse of authority.

And the Left thinks monitoring phone calls and financial transfers of terrorists invades our privacy. Ironically, like-minded people are probably responsible for creating this process, which demands my daughter share her innermost feelings with the government.

Of course, the county only wants to be able to "help" my daughter with anything she might require assistance with, so that makes it okay. Right?

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