Thursday, July 13, 2006


Yesterday, Brit Hume noted a letter from Nancy Pelosi to like-minded individuals in the House. Apparently it's hard to get to fever pitch in the fever swamp:

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi has informed party members that she plans to count heads at their weekly policy meetings since attendance at the caucuses has dropped to less than 25 percent of the party's 205 members. Pelosi wrote her fellow House Democrats that the party will be working to crystallize its "New Direction" agenda in the next few weeks, and urged every member to show up.

Roll Call reports that interest in the caucuses has waned in recent months — noting that important decisions are almost never made at the meetings, which have become platforms for opinionated members to air their pet concerns.

And that's the latest Democratic Party Agenda for America update. Can't you almost hear the crickets?

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