Friday, June 09, 2006

You Can't Keep a Dirtbag Down

It appears now that my earlier disdain regarding the negative side of Zarkman's departure was a bit premature. Zarqawi must really have the blog-bug because he has found time in the afterlife to continue his wonderful relationship with Iowahawk. Here he takes a moment to describe his experience thus far in nirvana:

Anyway, I'm standing there trying to figure out my next step, when this badass crew of straightup masked assassins comes around the corner. Talk about a relief, I was beginning to wonder if Allah had made some sort of mistake. And I'm like, "yo, cuz, which way to the virgina?" Then the assholes start eying me up and down, lauging. And then I'm like, "come on, holmes, don't bogart the cooch," and then you know what those douchebags did? Throw a friggin' burqqa over my head and drag me into an abandoned warehouse. I'm goin' finally, some action.

I will spare you the ribald details, but let's just say after that 12 hour train bang I know how Marilyn Chambers felt after
Behind the Green Door III.

Ouch. That had to hurt. Read it all, it is one of his finest contributions.

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