Saturday, June 10, 2006

Is Haditha a Crock?

As people get a closer look at the evidence alleging a "massacre" at Hidatha, gaping inconsistencies begin to emerge. Two articles today, one from Clarice Feldman at the American Thinker and the other from Andrew Walden at the Hawaii Reporter attempt to compile the inconsistencies.

For a staggering collection of articles and conflicting information that casts doubt on the massacre story, see Sweetness & Light.

While it is not clear whether American forces did or did not gun down innocent people in Haditha, the evidence that is beginning to emerge now is very disturbing. Has the media screwed the pooch again? Has the Left in this country once again jumped to conlusions and rushed to condemn are troops unfairly?

Time will tell, but if Haditha unravels in the coming weeks and months and our troops are vindicated, those who simply couldn't wait to convict the Marines, like John Murtha and the bulk of the American media for instance, should never, ever, ever, be allowed to forget it.

Comparisons are being made to Plame and Memogate as to the media's quick rush to judgement on less than reliable sources. Those comparisons are wrong. If this story is a hoax it is a far worse breach of trust.

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