Tuesday, June 20, 2006

There are Far Greater Tragedies

So, I'm over it.

Besides, Carolina deserved the Stanley Cup as much as any team. This is a hard working bunch who proved they could take everything Edmonton dished out and then served it right back. An excellent series. Congrats to the 'Canes. And thanks to Edmonton, for making it a great display.

Game seven had...shall we say...pace.

Anyway, while we're on the subject of hockey, here's a couple of points made by Dennis Prager today on the Left and global warming...

-- The Left is far more likely to revere, even worship, nature.

-- Leftists tend to fear dying more.

...that Al Gore himself made, in just two-thirds of a sentence.

...it’s almost a spiritual issue, because our survival is at stake.

Weird isn't it? That the same people who would call Gore "leader" would also tell Prager to stop spewing lies.

Then again, Gore's followers know that if we don't do something today, like right now, it's going to be 9/11 times a thousand!

So...that will be what? 911,000?

911,000 what?

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