Thursday, June 22, 2006

It Could Still Get Worse

It's almost criminal how bad June has been for the Democrats. Seriously, I almost felt sorry for them this morning as it became clear the news of the day was the presence of WMD in Iraq.

Kerry's call for full scale retreat as we are rolling up bad guys in Iraq and elsewhere and Murtha's ridiculous Okinawa strategy seem almost a Rovian plot as though the two men are oblivious to anything happening around them.

Zarqawi dead, Rove innocent, Churchill fired?, and now the whole WMD thing.

Kos is exercising his psychosis muscle on The New Republic. Isn't it true, the old adage? You really do lash out at the ones you love.

And while we're exposing terror plots in Canada, London, and today Miami, the Democrats are rolling out the minimum wage as a primary campaign issue. Nothing on Iran but they got that Pell Grant thing going pretty good. Nothing on Iraq but what the hell, the election is still almost five months away.

Lileks has the dissection of the platform. Butter.

Have I mentioned how bad June has been for Democrats? Pretty soon they will longing for the days when they could talk about William Jefferson. I would even say that things couldn't get any worse, but I've learned not to say that anymore. They've long since turned me into the Blogger Who Cried Wolf.

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