Sunday, June 18, 2006

Make It a Good One

As Fathers Day weekends go, this one has had all the elements of a successful one.

I had Friday off and spent the morning getting all of my paperwork in order to ride the new motorcycle. Insurance, title transfer, tabs, etc. The afternoon was dedicated to riding.

Friday night we got deluged by a rain more relentless than I can remember in quite a while. Since the kids don't sleep very well during storms we spent the night watching VH1's tribute to Judas Priest, Queen, Def Leppard, and Kiss. I taught Daughter #3 and The Boy how to do the heavy metal salute and head-bang. The Boy managed to incorporate playing goalie and head-banging when he sat on the floor in the "butterfly" position (the splits, essentially) and added the heavy metal element.

I had to work all day Saturday but was rewarded with a 4-0 shelacking by the Oilers (peace be upon them) over Carolina that night. After Roloson got hurt and the Oilers fell behind in the series 3-1, it had looked like this year's Stanley Cup final would be one of anti-climax. But the boys in blue clawed their way out of that hole and are now poised to steal the cup from the 'Canes.

One more game...winner takes all.

The weather is beautiful so it looks like Sunday might provide another chance to ride, and the kids have promised to help me dust off my hacky-sack muscles. The Oilers could cap off the entire weekend with a win tomorrow night.

Father's Day reminds me how wonderful it is to have a family that loves you...and hockey.

Happy Father's Day guys.

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