Thursday, June 22, 2006

Nick Coleman Fights Back the Only Way He Knows How

The Star Tribune's Nick Coleman does his usual thing with the UND Fighting Sioux controversy. That is, instead of even attempting to answer the criticisms of the NCAA put forth by university president Charles Kupchella, he prefers to just toss out the childish character assassinations that has become part of his signature style.

Why should UND change it's name? Well, because Ralph Engelstad was a Nazi, that's why.

Coleman could have tried to explain why the NCAA's attachment to Pontiac isn't relevent, or why the fact that most of the university's Native American boosters support the name is moot, but he doesn't. Instead the column is just another chance for Coleman to demostrate how superior his thinking is to everyone else's. Unfortunately, next to Kupchella's letter Coleman's column reads more like a temper tantrum than a rebuttal.

I often daydream what Coleman would be doing if his mom hadn't helped him get a job in journalism. Regardless, he would still have been a pompous ass.

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