Thursday, June 09, 2005

YESTERDAY I HAD THE DISTINCTION OF BEING one of a handful of blogs noted by Technorati covering the Debra Burlingame column on the new 9/11 atrocity, which you can read about here and here. Today the blogosphere has exploded and I have been relegated to page three, but it is heartening to see so many blogs giving this injustice the attention it deserves.

One of those is Thomas Knapp, who envisions a memorial much like I would prefer to see, that is, the original buildings back in place almost exactly as they were before they were destroyed. Knapp however, has a couple of creative design ideas.

First, he would add an extra floor that would be open to the public, complete with marble walls on which would be inscribed the names of the victims. A monolith in the center of each of these rooms would contain these words:

On September 11th, 2001, evil men committed a wanton and evil act of destruction and murder on this site. We choose to remember them -- and their victims -- in the manner whereby they deserve to be remembered. This room is a memorial to the innocents who died here. These rebuilt towers are our declaration that we will never quail before evil, bow before death or submit to terror.

To insure they aren't ignored in all of the attention to the victims, Knapp also has a room set aside for the perpetrators.

On the first floor, the new public restrooms would include urinals and stools with the names and photographs of the hijackers affixed in the manner best facilitating their own tribute; and contractors would be hired to produce Quran-motif toilet paper and a pork-enzyme based drip cleaning solution which would be released with each flush to keep the images of Mohammed Atta and Co. all sparkly.

Now that's a tribute I could live with. Hell, it might even get me to actually visit New York, if just to take a dump.

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