Thursday, June 09, 2005

ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE FROM ROBERT NOVAK suggests that the Hollywood left may be a little cold on the idea of a Hillary Clinton presidential nomination in 2008. The primary reason given is a perceived difficulty she will have in carrying the south. That's strange when you remember that she came from Arkansas. Apparently she has spent enough time in Washington and New York to be re-cast as an east-coast liberal.

This not entirely unheard of glimpse at the animosity women have for Hillary was also voiced.

"Don't think that Hillary has the women's vote," she told me. "I will never forgive her for sticking with her husband after he humiliated her. It's something I can't get over."

If I may be so bold, this is not the first time I have heard that opinion. My wife has been saying it for years. In fact, many women I have spoken too are of the opinion that sticking with Bill was an act of political expediency, not love. They find that unseemly in general, especially after the way Bill used her and appeared to lie even to her from the word go.

Interestingly enough, my dearly Befuddled thinks any woman president would likely be a disaster and has often noted that she would vote against one on principle. Too emotional, she says.

I would be more than a bit surprised indeed of that has anything to do with the overall coolness towards Hillary on the left coast, but Novak insists that the chill, whatever it's cause, is real. With California the proud owner of so many electoral votes, this race could be destined to be more interesting than prevailing attitudes would suggest.

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RepJ said...

I agree that Hillary betrayed women when she stuck with Bill, and I think the two of them had an 'agreement'. However, I would vote for Condi Rice for prez any day of the week! I will never forgive Hillary for her attempted take over of the presidency through "hillarycare".