Tuesday, June 07, 2005

DEBRA BURLINGAME, WHOSE BROTHER PILOTED A COMMERCIAL PLANE before it was flown into the Pentagon by terrorists on 9/11, is properly incensed about leftist efforts to turn the 9/11 memorial into something that has very little to do with the event, via Power Line and LGF.

Instead, they will get a memorial that stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the yearning to return to that day. Rather than a respectful tribute to our individual and collective loss, they will get a slanted history lesson, a didactic lecture on the meaning of liberty in a post-9/11 world. They will be served up a heaping foreign policy discussion over the greater meaning of Abu Ghraib and what it portends for the country and the rest of the world...

...Most of the cherished objects which were salvaged from Ground Zero in those first traumatic months will never return to the site. There is simply no room. But the International Freedom Center will have ample space to present us with exhibits about Chinese dissidents and Chilean refugees. These are important subjects, but for somewhere -- anywhere -- else, not the site of the worst attack on American soil in the history of the republic.

More disturbing, the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. is handing over millions of federal dollars and the keys to that building to some of the very same people who consider the post-9/11 provisions of the Patriot Act more dangerous than the terrorists that they were enacted to apprehend -- people whose inflammatory claims of a deliberate torture policy at Guantanamo Bay are undermining this country's efforts to foster freedom elsewhere in the world.

This is a very disturbing column that deserves a full read. It is aggravating, to say the least, that the left would act so brazenly to minimize the impact of the most catastrophic attack on American soil in exchange for making a political statement that has little to do with the events of that day. Perhaps Hillary Clinton could do something about it, if she were properly motivated (hint hint.)

For reminders sake, I refer readers to the reaction of James Lileks in the immediate wake of the 9/11 attacks. Few writers manage to capture events so well and Lileks thoughts on 9/11 will remind readers how they felt on that tragic day.

It’s not good when you turn on the shower radio and you hear Peter Jennings. It’s just not good at all. I thought: hmm, they’re running a repeat of the World Trade Center bombing coverage. Anniversary?

Then I hear what happens. Leave shower, toweling off as President speaks. Head downstairs; wife wonders what I was shouting about. Turn on TV.

Unbelievable. Well, I think - it was high enough, they might have withstood the crash of a light plane . . .Then the tape runs of the jetliner slamming into the side. Two thoughts, almost simultaneously:

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