Thursday, June 16, 2005

Who Will Step Up To The Plate?

White House spokesman Scott McClellan responded to Dick Turban's recent bout of insanity today, describing Turban's words thusly:

I think the senator's remarks are reprehensible. It's a real disservice to our men and women in uniform who adhere to high standards and uphold our values and our laws.'

Well, that's a start I guess...barely.

One might ask Turban what he said on the senate floor every time somebody had their head sawed off by a muslim extremist. One might ask if Turban was even remotely familiar with the Geneva Convention before he accused his own country of being in vioation of it. One might ask how much Turban has gained in campaign contributions from the Soros machine for selling out his country and military with vile charges that are categorically false.

He and Leahy's behavior is enough to leave your humble correspondent speechless. Luckily, Scott Johnson at Powerline is not:

Today Senator Durbin is probably al-Qaeda's most popular senator, although he must have some serious competition in that department...

Senators Leahy and Durbin are more fit to reconstitute the Democratic Party as a branch of the Peoples Temple than to hold high office. They are more fit to lead a doomsday cult devoted to drinking poison Kool-Aid than they are to serve as United States Senators.

Speaking of kool-aid, just whose pocket is Durbin in anyway? He sounds more and more like Michael Ratner of the Center for Constitutional Rights. Rocco DiPippo has an extensive and exhaustive research piece on Ratner and the CCR. Ratner and CCR, an openly communist group, have been openly sabotaging the war on terror before the trade centers ceased smoldering.

That should not come as a surprise from a group formed by this man.

In candidly describing his life's work of representing and advocating for violent radicals, CCR founding member William Kunstler once said, "I stay in this profession only because I want to be a double agent, to destroy the whole f*cking [U.S.] system."

These are the people that the modern liberal establishment is blindly following. Is it because they believe in the cause. In some cases yes. In other cases, as with Turban, I believe it is simply a means to attempt the destruction of a Republican majority using any means necessary. If that means aligning in thought and speech with radically anti-U.S. groups and people, it is of little consequence.

Does anyone believe now that McClellan's words are strong enough? Neither do I. Meanwhile, we must wait, and wait, for someone to step up to the plate and call this what it is. The blatant selling out of our nation for personal power and perhaps even campaign funds.

In the absence of anyone who will say so, we can only hope that the American people are smart enough to see it.

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