Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Anti-American Left Gets a Free Lesson

The anti-war leftist minions are getting a lot of play out of Dick Durbin, Amnesty International, Patrick Leahy, and others who are going around accusing America of being equal to the worst regimes in human history.

Dailykos is saying "The torture that was so bad under Saddam, is equally bad under U.S. command. And Dick Durbin had the balls to say it so on the Senate floor..." The moonbats at The Blue Voice blame the Bush administration of establishing a "network of torture chambers" at Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, and Bagram.

Courtesy of Dr. Rusty Shackleford, we are able to offer them a free lesson in what torture looks like. Be warned however, the pictures get increasingly graphic as they continue.

This is a photo of the finger vice used by Uday Hussein on members of unsuccessful sports teams.

This is a photo from a Kurdish museum showing how Baathists routinley tortured people.

This is a photo of a victim of who was not so lucky to escape Hussein's torture rooms with his life.

This is a photo of a man imprisoned in a room while nitric acid is dripped on his naked skin.

Thisa child died from the use of chemical weapons, a WMD, which were used to kill an entire village as "collective punishment."

The Jawa Report has plenty more in case anyone is still confused about the difference between "coerced intelligence gathering," which has saved thousands of innocent lives, and torture. Also, find more pictures here, and here.

Shackleford adds this commentary to the pictures: to say that the occasional abuse is somehow equal to the institutionalized and routine torture of the Saddam Hussein regime is disgusting, immoral, and anti-American.

It also smacks of cowardice; criticizing people you know will take no reprisal, while remaining silent about the deeds of people who would gladly saw your head off. What a great country we live in that the anti-American left can sit in their overstuffed chairs, sipping latte, and pass idiotic and immoral judgements on our country in a time of war.

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