Wednesday, June 01, 2005

IN REFERENCE TO THE POST DIRECTLY BELOW THIS ONE, I have sent out a number of e-mails to Brookline High School staff noting my displeasure with their allowance of GLSEN on campus, and their superintendent's extremely misguided attempt at an explanation.

The superintendent appears to be "hiding under his desk" to steal a phrase, but I did get this response from an educator at the high school.

Dear Patrick,

Thank you for expressing your concerns. I can only say that I wasoutraged with GLSEN for violating the agreement that we made -- and made that very clear to them -- but at the same time I honor our core value of understanding and respect for human differences. We are probably not nearly so far apart as you believe.

I continue to be amazed at how presumably educated people can so drastically miss the mark. The issue at hand has nothing to do with being pro-gay or anti-gay. It is about what kind of material is appropriate for school children.

Are we to believe that the school district would feel the same way if porn stars came to the school and offered to teach students the "tricks of the trade?" Would any "straight" organization be granted this essentially free pass to teach kids the inner workings of sexual deviancy?

By allowing this sickening breach of trust to occur between parents and the school, and referring to those outraged by the incident as "anti-gay," the district is essentially saying that teaching kids about "fisting," and "pissplay," is all the gay community has to offer. Is that what they really believe; that in order to embrace the gay community it is necessary to allow them unfettered access to children for the sake of teaching them dangerous sexual behaviors?

For years we have been hearing from "pro-gay" activists that being gay isn't about sex; that it is about so much more. Now, we are being told that the opposite is true. That to cringe at the raw, graphic, instruction of sexual acts that would make Ron Jeremy blush is "anti-gay." I am of the opinion that the gay community does have more to offer than this.

The average homosexual should be outraged at the tactics of GLSEN and the school's response to them, which has essentially pigeon-holed gays into the myopic role of "sexual experimentation guide." But, that is where we stand on the issue of homosexuality apparently. It is better to be stereotyped as strictly a purveyor of filth to children then to appear to be "anti-gay," and go against the "enlightened" tide of the gay movement.

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