Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I ONLY RECENTLY DISCOVERED A SEARCH ENGINE CALLED "Technorati," which is at one time a "blog search" engine, and a way to keep track of who is linking who. That is how I became apprised of SistersTalk, a gay site that, for reasons unknown until today, had linked my own.

Roughly a week ago, the site did a post whining about conservative activist judges like Priscilla Owen. Of course we all know, because the Democratic Party has told us so, that Owen is no longer considered a right-wing extremist. But I digress...

The site had my link buried in text in this sentence about Owen:

Even fellow conservative Alberto Gonzales calls her a right wing activist.

The link carries readers to this Les Enfants post, which includes only this tidbit regarding the Democratic Party's lies about Alberto Gonzales:

In some cases, they flat-out lied, as in the use of Alberto Gonzales' characterization of Owen.

Of course, the rest of the post is entirely dedicated to the hypocricy of the left and their protection of filibuster abuse, including past quotes from Kennedy and Boxer. Presumably someone at SistersTalk did a search and linked my blog simply on a few keywords and didn't actually read the post.

The link at SistersTalk suggested that the reader would be taken to an article that would prove the myth that Gonzales believes Owen to be a dangerous judicial activist. The lesson, which one can't learn enough, is to always click on links provided by left blogs. In many cases, readers are not provided a neutral site that provides facts to bolster whatever case they are trying to make. In this case they linked a blog that is making the opposite case.

Who knows though, maybe some shaky leftist stopped by and received an injection of common sense. Anyway...I can't thank SistersTalk enough for the link.

I wonder what they would think of this GLSEN business at Brookline High School? (See below.)

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