Wednesday, June 01, 2005

THE "GAY LESBIAN AND STRAIGHT EDUCATION NETWORK" is distributing sexually graphic material to middle-school age children, including graphic descriptions of and tips on "fisting," "piss play," "buttsex," "mutual jerkin' off," "rimming," "fuckin," "swallowing," "suckin," and other forms of sexual behavior, according to Rocco DiPippo at Moonbat Central.

Of course it isn't a big deal because the booklets contain the "medical risks associated" with the behaviors. See, I told you everything was fine. Should it matter that many in the field of internal medicine refer to the "advice" as of poor quality and even potentially fatal?

Please, that is of small consequence in pursuit of a "pro-gay" agenda.

In response to criticism, Brookline Superintendent Bill Lupini and High School Prinicipal Bob Weintraub posted a letter on the district web-site, in which they can hardly wait to attack the "anti-gay" response.

An anti-gay watchdog group -- The Article 8 Alliance -- was at the conference, took photos, and picked up the inappropriate literature. On the first anniversary of gay marriage in Massachusetts, this group posted information on their website attacking Brookline High for allowing GLSEN to hold their conference at the school and distribute this material.

It sounds like the district is more upset about being caught than the filth that thier students were indoctrinated with, although they did throw us "anti-gay" folks a bone.

GLSEN apologized to us and to the community for not being more vigilant about the distribution of such materials at a high school event.

Apparently that didn't feel it necessary to mention that middle school students also had access to the material.

Quite literally, the rest of the letter is how the school will deal with any anti-gay protests at the upcoming graduation ceremony, and the only reference to GLSEN or any possible wrong-doing I have already noted. There is no apology from either gentleman regarding their own failure to supervise what their students are exposed too, and no outrage that a group would trick the school in such a horrifying way.

If you would like to contact these gentlemen and let them know exactly how you feel about their district's inability to police what their students are exposed to, or their lame attempt at an apology, here is their e-mail addresses:

Also, here is a link to Article 8 Alliance. You can judge for yourself if they are indeed "anti-gay," or if they just a group that doesn't care for gay marriage.

Gosh, I just can't express how sick I am of leftist hate rhetoric.


Buddhagem said...


It seemed pretty similar to the sex education classes we took in middle school. The only new things I saw were the advice to queers.

I think it's a good idea that they didn't use clinical language to describe things. They used words that kids can understand and that kids are probably using.

What exactly are you objecting to here? Didn't you have a sex ed class in middle school? Was it vastly different than this?


Teaparty said...

Did you just use the word queer? You must be gay youself, or a bigot.

Yes Dave, I learned all about "fisting" and "pissplay" and "buttsex" when I was in middle school sex-ed class. It was all the rage. We even has the teacher demonstrate it for us on his teaching assistant.

Don't you have a christian or someone otherwise American to call racist, or fascist, or some other pre-school name worthy of your IQ?

Why don't you get back to that.