Thursday, June 02, 2005

IT IS APPARENT NOW THAT THE EU CONSTITUTION is swirling counter-clockwise down the drain at a rapid rate (clockwise for Australian readers). First France voted no by a solid majority, and now the Dutch have put them to shame with an over 60% "no" vote. The American Thinker is highlighting a couple of articles on the subject, and those periphery, today.

The AP, in their analysis of the failed constitution, believes that the biggest loser will be...wait for it...George Bush.

"Over the past few months the Bush administration had shown a willingness, even an eagerness, to work with the European allies not just one state at a time but the union as a totality," said Simon Serfaty, a senior adviser to the Europe program at the Center for strategic and International Studies in Washington. "The European Union seems to be in disarray just at the time the administration is willing to work with the EU."

Hmmm. I detect the distinct odor of one of those sinister, "six moves ahead," Rovian plots to dismantle the EU by pretending to be in favor of it. He truly is a mad genius.

In other news, the current scattering of EU nations, like so much grease in the presence of Dawn dish soap, is spreading from the constititution to the currency which binds the nations together. Germany, apparently, has grown very skittish of the Euro, which has hit an eight-month low in response to the lack of European unity.

A political storm has broken out in Germany over reports that the government may be distancing itself from the European single currency.

Stern magazine said that Finance Minister Hans Eichel had been present at a meeting where the "collapse" of monetary union was discussed.

The government is planning to blame the euro for Germany's economic weakness, the magazine added.

This story is sure to hit the Euro even harder. On the bright side, Germany did not blame Bush for their economic weakness, and that I daresay, is a sign of progress.

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