Friday, June 18, 2010

Bragging rights

It started with Louie catching a 4 1/2 pound largemouth. Boz matched it a few weeks ago, his biggest fish ever. Louie topped it last weekend with a 4 3/4 pound fish. GD4 was briefly in the lead this evening with a 5 pounder (pictured below), until I caught this monster, ending weeks of whining that I never get to catch a big fish:

This 6 1/2 pound, 21-inch behemoth was caught on a five-inch black and white sparkle Slurpie worm. Purple Glory was rock solid, as was the 20-pound test braided line, but the No. 5 hook was twisted all to hell when it was over. It is also the biggest bass I have ever caught. It's less than three pounds and two and a half inches short of the state record.

Credit where it is due, Louie - beside being gorgeous, super cool, and the best friend anybody could ever hope for - really knows how to pick a fishing spot. We were getting pretty much skunked all afternoon until she pointed and said "That looks like it might be a good spot." Five minutes later what had been a very disappointing day had suddenly become epic. It is but one of the innumerable reasons why I love her.

Below is GD4's five-pounder, and that smile was all about knowing he owned "biggest fish of the season." I wiped that smile right off his face seconds later. Someone once said that true joy is watching your children succeed. Nonsense! Real happiness is achieved when you steal their most glorious moments for yourself.

I'm going to go out on a limb and predict right now that the behemoth is going to hold up for the rest of the summer. And it's mine...all mine.

UPDATED: It really wasn't nice of me, neglecting to post Louie's 4 3/4 pounder - currently in the freezer awaiting the taxidermist (unavoidable - hooked in a bad spot). So here it is, and in any case, it gives a frame of reference for how much bigger mine is:

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