Thursday, July 30, 2009

President Skunky Beer

The idiotic "Beer Summit" occurred to today, and it looks like it was a major failure by all counts. Gates is still a Harvard Faculty Asshole, and Obama is still pretending it is we who need to learn a lesson about "ginning up anger." For his part, Crowley appears to be a pretty regular guy.

But, on to important things...the beer menu:

Gates brought a Red Stripe, the official beer of the Harvard Faculty Asshole. People like Gates grin and drink it because it comes from a foreign country, even as it goes down like the swill it is.

Disappointingly, Crowley brought Blue Moon, which is just another cloudy swill..with orange flavoring. If you've ever had it, you know how God awful it is. However, I will at least give him credit for grabbing something from the specialty shelf, which is more than I can say for President Focus Group.

Obama guessed it...Bud Light. Tom D. and I concluded that the only reason the President of the F-ing United States would drink that piss water is that some plebe in the administration said it would go over well with the non-Harvard Faculty Asshole set. My own observations tell me he likely will get a poll bump with the just-turned-21-and-need-to-get-wasted-on-the-cheap bloc (pictured). It may even be the official beer of Overweight Pool Players of Wisconsin. It tastes going down about like it tastes coming up four hours later, in the parking lot on Karaoke night. Ryan82SM at sums it up nicely, "The King of Peroxide flavored beers."

Obama has either no taste or he is a serious cheapskate.

All the way around, the beer menu for the so-called "Beer Summit" was a major disappointment. I can think of ten readily-available beers offhand that would have actually allowed the three to enjoy a decent beer while they posed for the photo op:

Stella Artois
Michelob Amber Bock
Bass Ale
Sam Adams
Rolling Rock

Surely I missed a few. Feel free to add more in comments.

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