Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What More Do You Need to Know

When I see images like the one at right my heart just breaks for the damage the president has done to our relationships with our friends abroad.

Don't people understand that his policies have created a legacy of hatred that is sure to feed into an endless cycle of global violence? Could there be any better evidence that America has gone down the wrong road; a road of fear, war, shame, and damaged credibility?

This country needs a leader who can unite the world's people in peace, not one whose very image incites rioting and demonstrations of hate against us.

When I look at this picture I am embarrassed and ashamed. His very presence in office has done nothing but create more terrorism; has done nothing but galvanize the less fortunate against the greed and domination culture of America.

God bless America? I say God damn America. It deserves what it gets for electing such a leader, an act tantamount to thumbing our nose at the global community.

And he hasn't even assumed office yet.

My only solace is that four years from now, America will have a chance to turn away from the fear mongering and oil lust that has resulted in demonstrations like this; demonstrations that prove we've got a lot of growing up to do before we can once again be considered a beacon, rather than an oppressor, among the league of nations.

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