Monday, January 12, 2009

'It's a Hell of a Thing Killin' a Man'

GD2 and I have been on a Clint Eastwood kick for the last couple of weeks in anticipation of the release of Gran Torino, which is getting rave reviews. More recent films mostly, I personally am a bigger fan of his directing than I am of his acting, which I don't intend as a knock on his acting.

We watched Absolute Power, one of my favorites, a couple of weeks ago, and In the Line of Fire the other day. But I had forgotten what an incredible film Unforgiven is.

I'm not a fan of westerns. Blazing Saddles and Unforgiven are the only two I can recall seeing, I reckon. But having seen Unforgiven tonight for the first time in about five years, I was reminded that it is as fine a film as you are likely to see. A truly incredible work.

If you're looking for a great film you might otherwise overlook, check it out.

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