Friday, December 12, 2008

Smacks of Desperation

Hilarity in our own comment section. Likely responding to this, Loafer writes:

Has anybody tried to connect Obama to the faked Moon landing yet?

One can see how he might draw such a conclusion. Granted, Obama's ties to Blago are tenuous at best.

Starting in 2003 Tony Rezko started working on Obama's U.S. Senate campaign finance committee, ultimately raising $250,00 that we know of. A year before, Rezko was loading up Blago's administration with his own associates after raising over a million dollars for his campaign.

In 2005, Obama secured a beautiful home well below asking price right next guessed it...Rezko.

Meanwhile, Obama endorsed Blago in 2002 and 2006 (despite serious allegations of wrongdoing) and served as a top advisor in the 2002 campaign.

Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel filled Blago's seat, and his top campaign strategist David Axelrod listed Blago as a law client and was "close" to the governor.

Rezko is guilty of multiple federal charges, Blago is perhaps the dirtiest politician ever, Emanuel is now not talking about his conversations with Blago, Axelrod can't seem to decide whether Obama talked to Blago or not.

And that is just scratching the surface.

Listen to me, I'm starting to sound like a truther. Cuckoo. Loafer's right, these lame attemps to "connect" Obama to Blago are tantamount to suggesting he was on the grassy knoll. There's simply no evidence to suggest any kind of realistic connection.

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