Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Just take a good look at that haircut. I mean...really look at it.

Would you by a vacuum cleaner from the guy?

If you ask me, this blag...blaggo...whatever the hell his name is, thing, falls squarely on the shoulders of anyone who took a look at him and said, "ya, he looks trustworthy."

Having said that, I'd like to personally thank the voters of Illinois for virtually guaranteeing this fabulous entertainment when they cast ballots for a guy who could say he would "end the corruption," in that hairstyle, with a straight face.

When you buy a pit bull are you surprised when it bites? Of course not.

Meanwhile, Obama (who didn't just vote for but endorsed the guy with the sleazy haircut), now says he never had any discussions with Sleazy Haircut Guy about filling his vacant seat. Naturally, that clarification was nowhere to be found when his senior adviser said the opposite a couple of weeks ago.

Welcome to politics in Chicago, the city that, mind you, virgin birthed the messiah of hope and change. But I'm sure none of that filth ever touched The Anointed One.

If it had, the press would have been all over it.

UPDATE: Than again, maybe this is just a distraction by the Democratic Congress to take our mind off of bailouts and Rangel. When in trouble, throw the people a pompous plebe with a crooked coif.

Works every time.

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