Monday, September 01, 2008

Vile Politics

Got nothing on VP candidate Sarah Palin? No worries, there is always her daughter. From Daily Kos:

Bristol is pregnant in these pictures. She is not carrying belly fat, which grows outwardly wide, and does not become dome-shaped. That's because fat is generally evenly distributed around the abdomen and a fetus is not. Bristol's chest is sticking out, a normal body reaction when sucking in stomach muscles.

Long story short, the fat left is pushing the rumor the Palin's youngest is not their daughter but their granddaughter. The mother? Palin's teenage daughter Bristol.

Let's just assume for one crazy moment that the entire ridiculous story is true. So what? What we would essentially be talking about here is a private adoption. It has absolutely nothing to do with politics, and revealing it serves only to humiliate a teenager who has done nothing wrong, and a mother who was willing to give her a way out of being a teenage mother.

Now. Back to reality. The bump photo was taken well over a year before the baby was born, which would make Bristol's gestation one of the longest in history. So, essentially this is nothing more than a chance to rip on typical teenager chub. I've got three teenage daughters and let's just say there is nothing out of the ordinary in the "bump" photo. Ann Althouse says it best:

That is ugly. Pictures are posted, with captions like: "Sarah's waistline never changed. Her wardrobe still remained tight and professional." Note the gratuitous insult to pregnant working women. They can't possibly dress in a professional manner. There are also enlarged photos of the 16-year-old daughter with comments about the shape of her abdomen. The whole world is invited to talk about that teenager's body.

Despicable, sexist trash. Shameful.

True or false, this is just another sickening example of how low the far left will go stoop to attack political opponents personally. What's next? Suggesting Sarah Palin caused her own daughter's Down Syndrome?

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