Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fish pics

As promised, some fish pictures from the trip. It's too bad our scanner sucks.

Here's Scroo-Loo with the biggest one we got a picture of. Think she's excited?

Yours Truly with a slightly smaller version.

GD2 with a ridiculously small fish that she refused to touch. This is as close as I could get it to her without her jumping out of the boat.

GD4 had no such issues. And, after days of watching mom and dad catch all the northerns, he was pretty happy when he got one of his own.

One of the few bass caught on the trip, this one was caught from shore. Note the disdain with being in such close proximity to something so disgusting.

Lastly, the cabin had a "lagoon" (read as wetland). GD4 was fishing in it one day and decided to walk out into it a little bit. Um, ya. The bottom wasn't exactly the bottom. Instead of stepping into six inches of water he went in up to his ears. When we fished him out he was covered in swamp muck head to toe and, as you can see, so was his pole. We threw him, and the pole, into the lake.

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