Thursday, September 25, 2008

Press Release: Politics of Ass Stapling More of the Same

The MOB mayoral debates have begun, and the first question demonstrates clearly the KAR junta is still in control even as hard working MOBbers suffer:

Candidates, please answer the following question: of your opponents running for MOB mayor, which one's butt would you most like to staple shut and why?

I would point out that the rest of the fake change candidates are salivating at the chance to get into their opponents crease and start stapling. The one thing that MOB members can count on though, is that Teaparty has no intention of wallowing in the politics of sweaty steel. Here is our official statement:

These questions are just more of the Karl Rove style politics of personalism and destructionness. KAR insider cronies have been using the politics of ass stapling for years to frighten the people. But have they ever been willing to take the medicine they prescribe for others? Learned Foot's "morning squeeze" post demonstrates clearly they have not. No, he advocates ass stapling even while he, though uncomfortable and probably a bit painful, pushes out another trophy each and every morning.

Learned Foot takes a morning squeege even as he advocates robbing the people of the same joy. It's time for Real Change Not Fake ChangeTM.

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