Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And the Home...of the Bra-e-ay-e-ay-e-ay-e-ave II

Ten years I've been waiting for American sports fans to send a message to idiot pop singers who butcher the national anthem. Last night, I got my wish when Dallas Cowboy fans booed the crap out of Kat DeLuna, whose anthem was not a celebration of the nation, but of her (questionable) vocal skills:

DeLuna now holds the official Les Enfants Terrible title for worst anthem ever. How bad was it? How bad would it have to be to get a stadium full of Texas football fans, preparing to watch the Cowboys on Monday night, to boo its own national anthem?

Pretty damn bad.

UPDATE: Under a Teaparty administration, The People, not marketing strategists, will decide who is worthy of singing the anthem. Anyone called "a prodigy" by R. Kelly need not apply. (I'm Teaparty and I approved this message.)

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