Monday, May 26, 2008

Fingers and Fishing

Yesterday, GD4 asked mom if he could take her cell phone outside and photograph the picturesque low-lying fog that emerged after the storm. Mom, thinking how precious it was that her little man wanted to capture beauty in the natural world, was more than happy to let him use the phone.

Later, mom was going through the pictures to see what he came up with, and this is what she found:

I don't suppose it would have done any good to point out he was only flipping off himself. There's just something special about capturing it on "film."

Speaking of pictures, you might be wondering how the fishing season is going so far. Glad you asked. GD4 caught this guy today:

And Scroo-Loo caught this monster very recently as well:

Wring out that drool rag Boz.

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