Tuesday, May 27, 2008

C'est La Vie

So I resigned my post as a company blogger today. It pained me greatly, but life is too short to spend the rest of it defending myself against being called a "dumb skank" and a "bigot." And why? For this comment:

In other words, you make a stereotypical assumption about my positions that, at the very least makes me look like someone indifferent to the civil liberties of chosen minorities, and at worst, a bigot.

See, rather than the obvious interpretation of "chosen minorities" - they being minorities chosen to be singled out for oppression - the comment was read to mean that certain groups, gays in particular, choose to be minorities, i.e. Teaparty believes people choose to be gay and is therefore a dumb skank bigot. And no amount of explaining how the English language works seems to get these people off the ledge. [Ed. "These people." There I go again.]

It would be one thing if the name-calling was coming from random commenters. But it is coming from other company blog authors. Don't get me wrong, there has been plenty of flaming disagreements and I certainly gave as good as I got. I still take great pride in what the blog site has become, and management's willingness to give it a shot. I wish it all the success in the world and hope you visit often.

But, when the name-calling starts I walk away. Maybe that makes me a wimp, I don't know. But the writing on the wall seemed to be that, from this point forward, my sole job would be to defend conservatism against the wolf pack.

No thanks. I'm 38-years-old with four kids, athletes to coach, great friends, lots of joy in my life, am comfortable in my politics, and am working hard to be successful in a second career. I would have to be a dumb ass to volunteer for that duty.

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