Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Metal Spin

What a great idea: a poll seeking the greatest metal song ever (right sidebar).

Then I noticed the poll includes Runnin' With the Devil by Van Halen, and Schools Out by Alice Cooper.

First, Van Halen is not a metal band. It is a hard rock band. Hence, Runnin' With the Devil cannot be a metal song. Check out the weak justification, which boils down to:

Van Halen did some metal-like songs. Runnin' With the Devil isn't one of them, but I put it there anyway because nobody's ever heard of those other ones.

That he saw fit to include it just to placate Mith Berg is also problematic. Pandering is not allowed by metal code.

Second, Alice Cooper sucks. Period.

Thus two spots, which could have been used for deserving choices like The Zoo by the Scorpions or Balls to the Wall by Accept were used up on a KQ recycle and a song beloved only by 12-year-olds in early June.

That's just wrong.

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