Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Chinks in the Armor

Barack Obama's handlers' decision to keep him away from any hard hitting interviews, opting instead for shows like the Tyra Banks Show, makes a lot more sense now that debates have heated up. The New York Observer sums up last night's debate performance nicely:

...then there’s Debate Obama, a hesitant, stuttering, easily rattled and mostly unsmiling public performer who litters his platitudes and “uh’s” and misses countless opportunities to throw his opponents’ taunts back in their faces. Debate Obama unwittingly affirms Hillary Clinton’s suggestion that he lacks the seasoning to withstand the scrutiny of a fall campaign and leaves those who have only seen Big Speech Obama wondering, “Is this really the same guy?”

No. It's the real guy, live, and in person, as opposed to the carefully cultivated image constructed through 2007. If he is prone to falter in the face of the mild criticism of his own party faithful, imagine how much more difficult it will be in the general election.

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