Friday, June 29, 2007

They Gave Her a Gun

PFC Teaparty has officially begun her basic training. Due to the complicated nature of her last name she is generally referred to as "T-Po" by her drill sargeant, or simply "S**t Sucker."

Of the news received from her is that she has been issued her M16, of which she writes, "I get to have a gun...Yay."

We now have an address for her, so if anyone who would like to write her send me an e-mail at and I will get it to you.

S**t Sucker's needs include:

Pens (colorful sparkly Bic)
Calling cards (generic)
Calling cards (Virgin Mobile)

My Dearly Befuddled and I would appreciate anyone willing to take the initiative to send a letter or two. She sounds a bit lonely down there and would probably benefit from any support she gets.

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