Saturday, June 30, 2007

Blaming the Victim

It's now day two of the assault on London. Today's continuation includes a flaming SUV through the doors of Glascow Airport, suspects yelling "Allah, Allah," and the hunt is on for al Qaeda cells in England. Meanwhile, the terror threat has been raised and the two terrorists in today's incident may have been wearing suicide vests, a trademark of Islamic terrorism.

Never mind all that says London mayor Ken Livingstone. He knows exactly who is to blame for the siege:

...he criticized Britain over its ties with Saudi Arabia, which he said had fuelled intolerance in the past through its Wahhabist form of Islam, creating a "major problem."

Next up from Livingstone: Blaming unborn children for their own abortions, rape victims for their own assault, and the dead for their own murders.

If this is the quality of leadership Brits can rely on as muslims grow ever bold within their borders, they have no chance.

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