Friday, June 08, 2007

A New Venture Announced

At long last, the company has launched a blog page. Right now there are only a few of us taking part, but the number will be growing soon. Here is a link to mine, The UpsiderBlog, a clickable ad for which will be appearing for awhile on top posts. Here is a link to the blog homepage, where you can find links to the other company blogs. Appearing on the blogs are links to all the news publications under the company umbrella.

I am very proud to note that I played a part in making this step a reality, just one of many currently in various stages of development, meant to address the future of news and publishing.

From here on in I will be doing just as much blogging there as here, although on a different set of subjects. I am trying very hard to stick with state and local issues at The UpsiderBlog, but you won't be suprised to find numerous posts on the subject of global warming already. One rule I absolutely intend to stick to is no cross-posting. You will never read the same post at both places.

This blog will soldier on in as it has and readers should note little difference in content or frequency.

I hope you will mark The UpsiderBlog and other company sites among your daily stops as you have this blog, for which I am eternally grateful and flattered. And I certainly wouldn't object to the odd blogger who saw fit to toss the new site(s) a sidebar link.

On a personal note, it will likely not come as a surprise how excited I am by this opportunity. Not only to partake of this incredible medium for more than my own amusement, but to introduce it (and hopefully develop a passion for it) among other staff. Over the last year it has been my honor to show off what is so incredible about the blogosphere to many within the company who were unfamiliar with it beforehand. Sometimes I have to pinch myself and wonder how it is someone saw fit to pay me to teach such a fine group of people about blogs, of all things.

And so, this long strange trip continues...

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