Monday, May 28, 2007

Torturing Truth

Almost purely by luck, and helped mightily by the home crowd (and probably performance enhancing drugs), the Ducks managed to hang on to a 3-2 win to take a 1-0 lead in the series. Hockey Rube escapes inevitable ridicule for at least a couple more days.

I would like to address a point he made about me in the comment section earlier: is a little secret. HE ONLY WATCHES THE PLAYOFFS!!!!

That statement should read: "He actually watches the playoffs!!!!" I, unlike Hockey Rube, have actually put time and energy into the unfolding drama. What's that HR? You don't get "Versus" down there in that Florida swamp? Awww.

I understand that if HR's daughter holds the rabbit ears over her head while standing on her right foot, he can get NBC - although it's quite fuzzy. It sounds like he might be able to prop up his two feet - only one slipper - after all, and watch a game or two later in the series.

Until then, stay tuned for an upcoming explanation of "icing," which should help HR understand why a whistle blows when the "hockey men" touch the "little black thing" with those "L-shaped poles."

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