Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Fire "T" Party Continues

The efforts of extremists to have me thrown out on the street for expressing an opinion they find hostile continue. Here are a few excerpts of two e-mails that have been sent my boss:

It wouldn't suprise (sic) me if Patrick was a "smoker" too who probably believes that smoking is good for his health. You wonder if what really is behind Patrick's position on global warming and Al Gore is Gore's position on tobacco. Maybe if Patrick's sister had died from smoking, his attitude would be different.

Patrick isn't the first to LIE WITH STATISTICS in his reference to Al Gore's house which was first brought to light by conservatives.


Will the Post Review apologize for Patrick's tasteless reference to altar boys? How much longer will we have to tolerate an ideologue on the staff of the Post Review? Is editorial doesn't not deserve a letter to the editor. It is enough of an embarrassment in the way it was written.

That was the nice one. Here's the mean one:

The editorial by (Yours Truly) regarding Al Gore has once again shown his bigotry and demagoguery. For the moment, put aside (his) gross misstatements on just about every aspect of the global warming issue. With his ill-spoken statement referring to Al Gore, he has rivaled the prejudiced comments of Don Imus. For this, (he) should also be dismissed from your staff. His anger, intolerance and slanderous remarks should not be purported to be backed by ECM Publishers, as they do by his editorial title "staff reporter".

And, more succinctly:

Fire him. He can exercise his right of free speech elsewhere without prostituting your
otherwise fine paper.

The official penalty for criticizing Al Gore or his movie, apparently, is to be thrown out on the street.

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