Thursday, November 02, 2006

Keith Olbermann Gone Wild

As it happens I was one of about 10 people last night to witness Keith Olbermann's absolute meltdown on television last night. For starters, he compared the Republicans (not Democrats, and not the troops) reaction to John Kerry's self-imposed hell to the Sumner caning in 1956, and added:

In point of fact, it might have been the moment, not when Brooks broke his cane over the prostrate body of Senator Sumner, but when voters in Brooks‘ district started sending him new canes.

Tonight, we almost wonder to whom President Bush will send the next new cane.

If you read the whole unhinged diatribe (scroll down to "special comment") it becomes clear that Olbermann thinks the troops are stupid too. You see, they would not have felt insulted by Kerry's words except for Bush's "minions" (not including the chorus of Democrats of course):

You are merely a politician whose entire legacy will have been a willingness to make anything political; to have, in this case, refused to acknowledge that the insult wasn‘t about the troops, and that the insult was not even truly about you either, that the insult, in fact, is you.

Olbermann adds this little gem:

A brief reminder, Mr. Bush: You are not the United States of America.

What a coincidence. Mr Olbermann is not a credible journalist either.

He's a disgrace and an embarrassment to the profession.

UPDATE: Hugh Hewitt has a message for Olbermann:

Keep it up Keith. We love you.

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