Tuesday, July 25, 2006

But Will it Cure Fisherman's Elbow?

As crazy as it sounds, I could use a vacation from this blog as much as any other activity I am currenty engaged in. With that in mind, this blog will be inactive until Aug. 6. Expect pictures of large fish in your near future.

In the meantime, Liberal Larry has discovered numerous new afflictions that can be cured through stem sell research:

When harvested from a human embryo, stem cells can be a miracle cure for a wide variety of debilitating afflictions, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, diabetes, paralysis, rhuematoid arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, sickle-cell anemia, migraine headaches, erectile dysfunction, Attention Deficit Disorder, excessive body hair, male pattern baldness, problem flatulence, dizziness, numbness, tough, hard-to-remove stains, Helsinki Syndrome, toe jam, indigestion, dyslexia, insomnia, narcolepsy, vertigo, hepatitis, tonsillitis, gingivitis, Vitus Geralitis, chancre sores, the 7-Year Itch, gridlock, and the bizarre mental illness that makes religious conservatives so averse to treating human embryos like crops to be “harvested”.

Just think, if Bush weren't in office, these life-ravaging conditions could be solved by the time I return from my vacation.

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