Monday, June 05, 2006

Roli Rolls the Knee

UPDATE: The image to the right is what getting punched in the stomach looks like. FOX Sports confirms what was alleged last night.

The Oilers won't have Superman, a.k.a. goalie Dwayne Roloson, to lean on anymore. He suffered a knee injury late in the third period of Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals against the Carolina Hurricanes and is done until next September.

The Boy woke up to the grim news and gave me a look that said "The world doesn't make sense anymore."


ORIGINAL POST: Edmonton Oilers (peace be upon them) goalie Dwayne Roloson was injured tonight doing exactly what he does best, getting square to the shooter. Unfortunately, he happened to have his right leg on the outside of the post and when the action carried two players right into him, knocking him left, his right knee was damaged to the extent that he shall not return this season.

At the time the score was 4-4 with the Carolina Hurricanes making a valiant attempt at a comeback. Roloson's replacement (didn't catch the name) made an honest rust-induced mistake on a routine dump from behind the net and the 'Canes Rod Brind'Amour scored an easy open net goal with 30 seconds to play. 'Canes win game one 5-4.

I don't know how the well the Oilers will recover from losing their Rock Between the Pipes and blowing a three goal lead to fall one game to nil. We shall see, but it doesn't look good right now.

Hats off to Roloson though, who has been unbelievable since the trade that took him from the Wild. He took a team with the worst goals against average in the league and carried them to the Stanley Cup final. I sure hope the squad can pick up the slack and become one of those rare 8-seeds to win the cup.

When The Boy wakes up in the morning he is going to be pissed. He lived to watch Roloson.

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